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SA Have your Say on ETOLL. Vote Now !

Yes! Ordinary People can Make Extraordinary Impact. Let us spread the word.


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  • D Leroux

    Rather Visit http://www.wendymall.co.za, you can save same cash

  • D Leroux

    IF you say yes to E-Toll, Next week they will Implement E-Tollie, R10 for going to Public toilets

  • Tony

    We have petrol Tax we have road tax ,we have Transaction cost every year for your licence . We have 40 million poor Comuters who will bear the brunt .the taxies will just charge more, It has to stop Now .



  • Jason

    I live in DBN and i get an invoice from them every month for a car i traded in at Renault last year. I contacted them and they said i must complete a dispute document. They can go suck……

  • Michael

    Every body is paying taxes! We pay VAT on all items we buy, PAYE to SARS, Petrol is escalating, Electricity is going up etc. etc. No to E-toll. The people cannot keep up with all the escalating costs anymore! Not good for our economy! My son is using my car. He registered for E-toll and is using my car. He paid for E-toll and I still receive accounts after all of this! NO!

  • Hanroux Lamprecht

    Wonder who the 5,745 votes belong to!

  • Tertia

    Having to look after the unemployed standing at every single robot, paying etolls will literally take food right out of their mouths!!! Zuma – YOU intimidate people to vote for YOU, so YOU pay etolls so that us other idiots can feed all those you made empty promises to!!!

  • Mpish

    I will never pay for e-toll…….never

  • mbongeni

    it is a day light robbery….i dnt support it!!!



  • Tebza

    No e-toll! No e-toll! No e-toll. i dint ask for it there i will not pay for it. Zuma can pay for it since he feels the need to have it.

  • Nic Koefer

    I have not registered ,I will not pay . My bills have increased to over R18000 , I am here short term on contract. My stance was send me a bill on time and to correct address vehicles sare registered to and i will pay . Well , To date i have not received a bill on time and not one is CORRECT !! Thus far i have put in 22 disputes ( via Outa ) and all i get is a communication back from SANRAL saying ” please contact us direct Haha , they keep phoning me and sending me sms on my cell phone . Surely this is harrasment !! This weekend i have to waste more off my precious ” off time
    ” re submitting my 22 disputes and going through a ” batch of new ” black & white photo’s and bills trying to reconcile them. Sorry i have changed my attitiude to you’re wasting my time , i will not pay a cent

  • Davmar

    You Zuma “did not ask for Nkandla”, we public “did not ask for ETOLL”.

  • Rofhiwa Ronald

    NO!! NO!! NO!! to the e-tolls 2b honest some of us has struggle a lot to save money for some years just to get a single car . After that hustle to buy a car petrol price is escalating every second week food onthe otherwise n the government expect us to pay the e-tolls were the he’ll do they think we can get that money ??

  • arnie

    Just Like Zuma didnt ask for the upgrade at his nkandla home… i didnt ask for etoll

  • Palessa

    Rather cut down on all the unnecessary ministers that we have all of a sudden. They serve no value to this countries economy, rather use those extra salaries to pay for the idiotic deal you made with Sanral.

  • Linda Van Sittert

    I didn’t ask for the upgrades so why should I pay? Isn’t this what our president said when he was asked to pay for upgrades done to his personal house? and these roads aren’t even in my street..

  • Maria

    Die hele E toll sisteem oortree die krediet wet!!!!

  • Arnieann

    Stupid government with stupid ideas. They can not even handle working infrastructure, but they are clever enough to start new ones.

  • peter

    With this e-toll system goverment says that it creates jobs, what’s a lot of sh@t. How many companies are having to cut jobs because of the climbing costs in this sh*t hole of a country. When will the people take up the fight and send the goverment and e-toll to hell.

  • France Magenta

    If only e-toll can say “those who voted ANC must pay e-tolls and those who did not, you are free to travel..” Lol I think that would be fair enough. Everyone gets what they want.

  • Sandy

    E-tolls was to be paid when they had the World Cup , instead they lined their pockets and went on holiday with the money, Is it not the government and their dignitaries to pay up the money for the Toll- gates. Not US!!!

  • John

    We voted for them!!

  • Jakes

    This government has one good department… SARS. This way they maximise their tax income. Then they blow it on themselves and their buddies. We pay twice for things as our tax money gets wasted. If we had good hospitals, safety and education I would not need to spend R4000 on medical aid, R 2000 for private classes for my kids and R800 for home security to mention but a few examples. Unfortunately the masses are not educated in politics and economics and thus believe the anc gives them a better life. They get bought with a damn bread and t-shirt on voting day… if only they knew how life could have been for them after 20 yrs of democracy done right.

    • Glen

      Well then, I might not support the ANC’s body of practice, I still can’t shake the feeling that we’d be in a far worse situation if we were still ruled by the previous Government.

      P.S: Being Black, I wouldn’t be an Engineer today.

  • Fola Morake-Setou

    I willl never ever pay E-tolls,they will have to kill me first.I am a teacher who travels to work and public holidays I am closed but I am billed even on weekends.My sister does not have a car but gets bills,how is that possible really.

  • Chris

    NO! And yes this is my final answer. No 50/50. Dont want to call a friend. I will call on all non e toll supporters. Lets stand together. Screw e toll.

  • Daphney

    I become a legal guardian of 6 (siblings and their kids) when both my parents passed away more than 12yrs ago. I am responsible for their education, physical needs and all other household expenses. unfortunately my salary has remained the same for years working as an administrator. I will not be able to pay e toll or any other expenses for that matter even if i wanted to because i’m a sole provider. I struggle as it is and just wonder where e toll management made their affordability research since i believe i represent a ‘normal’ South African’ citizen profile.

  • Riaan

    What the goverment does not understand, is if you out tax the middle man the country will fail, its the middle man keeping the country on its feet, rich people claim everything back from tax, poor people gets everything from the goverment, and its the middle man paying for it all, not saying its rich or poor peoples fault

  • Breeze

    This won’t count for anything, if you refresh the page you can vote as many times as you like. If you want to make a difference….. DON’T REGISTER! DON’T PAY!

    • Anti-tolling

      it doesn’t count your vote again – “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.”

  • Tsepho

    I cant understand why people vote for etolls, they must enjoy being poor and enjoy giving money to people that are already billionaires like Zuma and the Gupta brothers, do you idiots really want to be taxed to death? Work hard to make Zumas and Guptas rich? You should be ashamed to be part of this country and part of a free human race

  • shion

    I say no I pay far to much tax as its is I say no