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SA Have your Say on ETOLL. Vote Now !

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  • Andre van der Merwe

    The e-tolling system is a first world system that just can’t
    work in South Africa. Even though the idea of making those pay who benefit from
    the roads is some-what preferable, our socio-economic status in South Africa
    does not justify it. We do not have a water-tight system in place to ensure
    that this tolling system will be enforced correctly. We are not even able to
    collect traffic fines without difficulties (including corruption)… How are we
    going to collect tolls and fine those who break the rules? It’s bordering on
    impossible in South Africa. I agree with the view that the only way to collect
    the fees to justify the improvements to the affected roads is a fuel levy. Its
    cost affective and easy to apply.

  • haikona
  • Awaiting Business Owner

    R35 Billion Wasted . Were has it gone ??? Creating jobs for who and what ??? If this was for job creation , more people would have jobs . With this type of wastage , We do not need E-tolls . Look at the Pot- Holes that is not fixed . Scrap the system as it is Corrupts same as Goverment . Sorry this is Government we talking about .

  • Anti-incompetency

    For over 15 years after this government took over roads where left to rot and deteriorate. Yet the money for road maintenance and improvement kept on rolling in on a daily basis from the petrol levy which culminated into billions. Zuma’s government must give full accountability to the citizens of the country how this money (the citizens money) was expended in order for action to be taken against any misconduct / misappropriation of any funds with a strong focus on especially the first 15 years – it was definitely not on roads! The money in the coffers are not the governments money. It is and will always be the citizens money. Government is not there of their own freewill or autonomous but is placed by the citizens in a position of trust to manage and administrate these monies and affairs of the country on their behalf. Government are thus the employees of the citizens – they do not pay themselves – and if your EMPLOYER, THE CITIZENS, speaks, you must take heed thereof and adapt your actions accordingly, If they do not want to change behaviour that is not acceptable to us the citizens, their EMPLOYER, then they must be kicked out of office – FIRED.There should not even be any debate on how much more the citizens must pay extra for road maintenance and enhancement (e-toll) because we are already paying handsomely towards that and if government can not manage that efficiently (as with many other matters) they must go. After all, do we have to pay twice for the same loaf of bread at the shop? Zuma, the public is not that naive to think that you did not know of the “upgrades” on Nkandla. Any premises-owner who ventures on upgrades is always personally fully involved to ensure that there are no deviations from the original plan to avoid having to settle for inferior materials and / or workmanship. In your instance it would have been likewise. You are not worthy to be President of this country and should resign as some of your incompetent cronies.

  • CharlieTango

    Wellcome to twenty years of freedom – freedom to loot the coffers and maintain the gravy train at the expense of SA citizens