Nationwide Public Voting on ETOLL 2015 !

1 million voted ! Have Your Say Here !

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Nationwide Public Voting on ETOLL 2015 !


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  • Andre van der Merwe

    The e-tolling system is a first world system that just can’t
    work in South Africa. Even though the idea of making those pay who benefit from
    the roads is some-what preferable, our socio-economic status in South Africa
    does not justify it. We do not have a water-tight system in place to ensure
    that this tolling system will be enforced correctly. We are not even able to
    collect traffic fines without difficulties (including corruption)… How are we
    going to collect tolls and fine those who break the rules? It’s bordering on
    impossible in South Africa. I agree with the view that the only way to collect
    the fees to justify the improvements to the affected roads is a fuel levy. Its
    cost affective and easy to apply.

  • haikona
  • Awaiting Business Owner

    R35 Billion Wasted . Were has it gone ??? Creating jobs for who and what ??? If this was for job creation , more people would have jobs . With this type of wastage , We do not need E-tolls . Look at the Pot- Holes that is not fixed . Scrap the system as it is Corrupts same as Goverment . Sorry this is Government we talking about .