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  • Fed up

    It amazes me that nobody has asked the question as to why Pravin Gordon stood up in parliament the middle of 2013 and announced a +- 60c a litre increase in petrol so say for wages for petrol pump attendants etc.; this is unusual for him to announce anyway. Funny how they all caused havoc in December and January striking for better wages! My point is this increase came when SANRAL were on the bones of their ass bleating about being bankrupt and low and behold after the petrol increase all seemed to quiet down about no money, makes u think. As far as I am concerned they were paid with this 60c and we are already paying for the road improvements. somebody really need to fully investigate how the petrol etc. price is made up maybe the Public Protector.

  • mogmo


  • Richard

    The fuel levy was created for building the roads. The government is seeking cash cows to pay for all the useless parliamentarians sitting around doing nothing. They could cut the number of these lazy parliamentarians by almost half. The embezzlement of our money needs to be made up so that they can carry on with their opulent life styles. They fleeced the road accident fund and so this will too be fleeced. We need good governance, not corruption. The ONLY province that is showing how a country should be run is the Western Cape. We need intelligent parliamentarians who understand finance and fiscal policies. If the ANC has to stay in power then Cyril Ramaposa is our only hope as he is an educated man. I am sure he will be our best leader since the last educated man Mbeki was silenced and kicked out. Poor Nelson, he is turning in his grave watching the antics of these fools.

  • AntonL

    As mention so many times before, an absolute waste and rip off
    that that the 2bill odd gets shipped off to Austria! Somebody is getting a

    How many billions are collected via the Fuel levy, and how
    much gets used on our roads?

  • JAK

    5944 ***** RETARDS!!

  • Ian Stewart

    The need for money to maintain roads is understood. The need to pay millions to ANC friends to “operate” the tolls is just another scam. The Austrian link to ANC is just another fat cat way of fleecing the SA public. An increase in fuel levy is the only way. The cost of collection is NIL, there is no stupic infrastructure to operate, and hopefully the collections will be properly controlled and spent on roads and not government fat cats.

  • Anti Parochials

    yes to etoll

  • Johan

    Any country are run like a big company. If the company supply a product that we, the customers, don’t like then we just don’t buy it. The answer then is very simple, if you like it buy it if you don’t then do not buy it.

  • Anti ANC

    NO!!!!! No to Etoll and this whole corrupt ANC goverment!

  • Lucas Mahlangu

    One day we gonna end up paying for taking a walk from your house to the tuckshop.I say no to E TOLLS.

  • Isabelle

    I got an e-toll for my scooter being towed on a flat bed trailer….I am not sure if they also tolled the scooter repair place’s vehicle too.

  • Scarfiotti

    I am of the opinion that if our Mr.Zuma can stand up in Parliament and say” I did not ask for those improvements, then I cant pay for it” Then I can also stand up and say. I did not ask for the toll roads, I can not pay for it. Squander Two hundred and fifty Million plus to upgrade the Presidents private home, but they can not pay for the toll road. How much of this money is going out of the country? Where else is our tax money going to? By employing incompetent key personnel, only to give then a golden handshake later. Fraud, bribary, corruption, reverse racism? Let us be real, WE NEED A GOVERNMENT!!! with competent people, NOT token appointments. We are one nation, and colour of skin should NOT be the issue. Competency or the lack there of led to this e-toll disaster.

  • Celeste

    Who was the idiot who suggested this in the first place. What about the fuel levies we are paying? Is the same idiot paying towards that as well??? Proper & lawful Government starts with getting rid of Zuma – he spends everyone’s money & all he does is visit other countries instead of taking care of the people in our country. Corruption reigns!!!

  • Simple Solutions

    Please note that the 6,000 votes for yes are all the government workers already drawing a sizeable salary from the tax payers

  • Ms Advocate

    I totally don’t understand how this E Toll works it started December within a year i already 9670 and what surprises me you get different tariffs from different tolls, some cost 36 just to pass there,,,,ANC knows how to reap people really..

  • johnny

    My question to this E toll situation. I presume that the Dept of Transport applies to parlement for its annual budget which includes the upgrading all of the roads throughout the country. You mean to tell me the old apartsheid government and the present were inefficient to buget for dept of transport. Obviously monies allocated to this department are grossly mis-managed. I think a complete audit should be done as to the money allocated to maintenance of roads and to the Dept. Of Transport.

  • tokkie weyers

    Get the government to operate properly and I will pay my etoll bill

    • Celeste

      Why do you want to pay etoll bills. Government is only happy when they willy nilly change things to suit their own pockets. Don’t go giving your money to a bunch of thieves!

  • Arnu

    5912 people accidentally clicked the wrong one or misunderstood the question of being:” Would you want the e-toll system to be taken down.” Must be, because there is no way people will wholeheartedly agree with a decision by government that is found on the basis to be corrupt and unconstitutional.

  • martin

    It was said, your e-Bill will not exceed R500 a month, no matter how many times you use it. My account is now over R8600!!! How is it possible to be that much after not even a year? The best part is I receive two accounts. One is R8600 and indicates I don’t have an e-tag. The other one is R350 and shows I do have an e-tag. How is it possible to receive two totally different accounts?? The best is, why is there different tariffs for different times of the day? Very few people can choose when they want to use the road, because of their working hours. This is totally unfair!!!!! The government must stop with these cash cows and start with real job generation! And also stop wasting and stealing our hard earned cash. That is also a crime! The petrol I put in my car every time I fill up is already paying for road maintenance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USE IT AS SUCH AND STOP STEALING AND MISMANNAGE THE FUNDS!!!!!

  • TUKS

    Hi our president have said ” I never asked for the extra safety in my house, so I will never pay for something I never asked for” So now why must we pay for etoll?

  • Colleen Goodrum Stephenson

    E-Toll is just another nail in the coffin of a slowly dying country! With crime & corruption (the latter by high ranking Gov Officials) ever on the rise, E-Toll funds won’t do a damned thing to improve the situation one iota! It’s one vicious circle and we are doomed, thanks to the greedy buffoons in power, who think the fucking world owes them a living! Still, it must be difficult carrying the entire Simba factory around on your shoulder all day -_-

  • m richardson

    I do not support E-tolls in any way shape or form. where has all the license fee money gone for all these years, Where has all the Petrol Tax money gone, these taxes were supposed to pay for roads etc. Not only that but the roads were already built and only the upgrades had to be paid for. I read somewhere that the government pension fund (PIC) was a big investor in the E-toll system. Are those funds in the PIC ring fenced? Could it be that the government has squandered some of the PIC’s finances for other projects? If so then that could be why the ANC government is so adamant to force the e-toll system upon us. The huge charges of the E-tolling system would be a way for the PIC to replenish its coffers and get the government of the hook? Is there anybody with a closer perspective than I, that maybe give some light to the theory?

  • Cobus Viljoen

    I really can’t see why people would want to pay! Almost 6000 people said yes! Really guys?! This money doesn’t even stay in our country, it’s going the the investors abroad, so over a few years you will start to cry again about the condition of our roads, thus while we have pay them in hard cash.

  • http://www.latitudetraining.co.za/ Grant W Hamel

    E-Toll has merits.
    5,896 people can possibly see that in that roads need to be maintained and improved and the poor state of the roads in KZN is a classic example of this.
    Is Etoll not also a reaction to mismanagement of public funding yet again, surely we can rather put the effort into improving efficiencies within Government and ensuring accountability for effective use of public funding(no matter whoever the ruling party is)
    899,253 (99,35%) of people vote against EToll and this shows the outrage that perhaps it is time to start doing things differently. EToll will cost a lot of money to run and surely there are better more efficient ways to manage our roads?

    PS I tested this poll and it does not allow double voting!!!
    The error message is “Thank you, we have already counted your vote”
    So it is a fair poll and accurate indication from our online society of their opinion shared. So the majority don’t want EToll, so now what?

  • Anonymous


  • JasonWoodward

    In principle I support toll fees, but it has to be done in a reasonable manner – here in Gauteng apparently nobody was consulted in any way – the gantries just went up and priced virtually out of control every km for roads that were already built – look, our roads are good, but the tolling system has a lot of flaws attached to it; there has been a lot of lying and secrecy involved, and that is wrong – just sprung on the road-users all of a sudden, and to boot, taxis and buses are exempt from toll fees – so guess who ends u having to foot the bill for this little joke? Nah – the system stinks and should be taken back to the drawing-board and the road-users consulted in the process.

  • Roy

    I think all the yes responses were the few hundred SANRAL employees, just voting a few times each.



  • Tumi


  • Doc Lock

    No E Toll and the same rule done no apply to everyone

  • Kat Rademeyer – Tshikondeni

    E – Toll se moer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What do you think Dung Beetle

    Hamba Etoll Hamba Voetsek

  • koos
  • badrunisa

    I say NO To E-Toll ….. all they think of is how to Rip us off..

  • masapus

    I highly doubt this voting has any merit.



  • jayzet

    Pay back the past 30 years of contribution to these roads and then give me the option of using these so called new tolled-roads.

  • priscilla

    Etoll No to that we pay tax school fess kill you nowadays petrol goes up every second day so o say how can we keep up

  • Tholi Mazibuko

    No e-toll guys

  • jay

    If the e toll end, then they will just add it to petrol or license fee.

  • jay

    If the e toll end , then they will just add it to petrol or license fee.

  • TalonZa

    Vote this up if you got a fake email saying this was featured on Carte Blanche. If you did, know this is a scam

  • Esta

    They scrap it for KZN what about the poor buggers here in Gauteng?

  • Nita

    Its rather interesting that there’s over 5000 supporters….WOW! Didn’t think there’d be any at all

  • Pip

    a big fat NO

  • Jack

    E-Toll is not a South African agenda. It comes from KAPSCH in Sweden (Head Office – Vienna, Austria). 65% of E-toll money Goes to Sweden. Paid 1.2 Billion to them.
    The public have paid for the Roads with the high price of fuel many times already

  • olga

    Ifeel bad because ive already registered and only paid for two weeks of which that was too big for my pocket,thinking back that money was for my kid,now he has to go hungry because etoll wanst money everyday,apparently im just like everybody who never registered of which i pay more when i use the etoll roads,listen to me and listen to me carefully i dont have that money sorrrrrrry!R4000.00 from November2013 until now that ridiculous!

  • ASH

    No ways will I pay e-tolls, the government steals enough from there people already.

  • mariette

    E-toll sucks! It is a big scam and just a another way of robbing us of our hard worked-for money!